MNHPC Committees

Interested in joining an MNHPC Committee?

  • Development and Marketing Committee
    Assists MNHPC staff with identifying methods to increase awareness of hospice and palliative care through effective communication and marketing strategies. Committee provides guidance for all aspects of generating organizational revenue including grants, contracts, individual donations and events.
  • Education and Training Committee
    Identifies educational knowledge and practice gaps as articulated by hospice and palliative care professionals and assists with the planning, guidance and oversight of educational content provided throughout the year to address these needs. This content is offered through MNHPC’s annual conference, educational forums and online offerings that advance professional education.
  • Finance and Audit Committee
    Studies and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding all financial procedures, controls, activities and planning.
  • Membership Committee
    Develops a vital and an engaged membership that supports the mission of MNHPC financially and through active participation in organization activities.
  • Public Policy Committee
    Responsible for reviewing legislation, rules and regulations relating to end-of-life issues on a state and federal level and recommends positions and policy to the Board of Directors.
  • Standards of Practice Committee
    Promotes the use of “Best Practices” and “NHPCO Standards of Practice” for delivery of hospice and end-of-life care in all settings.

If you are interested in joining the Education and Training Committee, please contact Jessica Hausauer, Program Manager, at

For all other committees, please contact Carrie Scheidel, Communications and Development Coordinator, at