Join us for Hospice Nuts and Bolts, an intensive, 16 hour, virtual training experience presented by Corridor Group.

Nuts & Bolts Agenda

September 21-24, 2021; 4 half-day sessions in the afternoon

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MNHPC is proud to partner with Corridor Group, a national leader in hospice and home care education and support to bring Hospice Nuts and Bolts to MNHPC members. This four, half-day, intensive training experience will elevate the effectiveness and stability of hospice organizations. Corridor has been assisting home health and hospice providers for over thirty years by presenting high quality, practical training experiences that will benefit all members of a hospice interdisciplinary team.


Frequently Asked Questions

What will I walk away from this training with?
Participants will leave with a deeper knowledge and expertise level in all aspects of hospice and hospice regulations. In addition, attendees will be provided with a user manual along with a Corridor Quick Flip to assist with documentation to meet LCD requirements.

Who is this for?
A wide variety of hospice clinicians will benefit from this training including, hospice medical directors, nurses, therapists and social workers. It is also excellent for managers and leaders of hospice organizations.

Is this just for new staff?
No. While it is an excellent foundational experience for clinicians new to hospice it is also a thorough review for experienced staff as well. Everything from the basics to the more advanced principles are covered in this program. Everyone, no matter their level of experience or years in hospice walk away with a new appreciation and a greater level of knowledge.

What is the format?
This training will be offered virtually by Zoom. Presenters will use breakout sessions, traditional presentations, and media. Presenters bring a high level of expertise, along with energy and excitement to the program.

What topics will be covered?
The program covers the Conditions of Participation in detail, including the Medicare benefit from a clinical perspective including eligibility, recertification, what is covered and what is not, levels of care, revocation, discharge and transfer.

Throughout the program focus is placed on documentation throughout the continuum of care, including documentation regarding eligibility, levels of care, symptom management and the Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs). In addition, the Comprehensive Assessment and the “rules” surrounding the Plan of Care. Significant focus will be place on the interdisciplinary team (IDT) including their form and function and the IDT meeting. Facility based care is also highlighted in this program to assist in understanding the importance of care coordination and both the hospice and the facility responsibilities.

Quality Assessment Performance Improvement will be covered in detail, including how QAPI and corporate compliance work hand in hand. Compliance and all aspects of compliance and risk will be covered, including details on enforcing agencies.

What are the learning objectives?
Upon completion of this workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the basics related to the Hospice Conditions of Participation

  • Define key components of the Medicare Hospice Benefit

  • Identify documentation requirements regarding: eligibility, comprehensive assessment, recertification, LCD's, plan of care

  • Understand the form and function of the IDT

  • Describe the QAPI program and how it is related to Corporate Compliance

  • Identify areas of Risk and the entities that enforce compliance


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