Questions to Ask When Meeting Your Child's Healthcare Team


  • How would palliative care be helpful to this child?
  • How does the palliative care team or staff communicate and work with the child’s physician?
  • How does the child’s physician stay involved?
  • How does the palliative care staff address the spiritual and emotional needs of the child and family?
  • If a diagnosis changes, is there ongoing contact with the child’s family?
  • Where are the palliative care services based?
  • Where can care be delivered to the child?
  • How does care continue if a child’s location changes?
  • What additional services are offered?


  • Who is part of the palliative care team?
  • Which team members will provide care to the child?
  • Family Involvement and Support
  • What types of decisions would a palliative care team assist children and families in making?
  • How will the family be included in the child’s care plan?
  • How are the child and/or family caregivers given the information and training needed to meet the child’s care needs at home?

Emergencies and After-Hours Care

  • What is the process to address pain and symptom control emergencies, both during day hours and after-hours?
  • What happens if the pain and symptoms can’t be controlled at home?

Paying for Palliative Care

  • What part of the palliative care services will be covered by insurance?
  • What services will the family have to pay for?
  • Are there any services the child is currently receiving that will not be covered under palliative care?