The Palliative Care Team/Palliative Care Services

Palliative care is provided by a team of skilled, compassionate professionals including doctors, nurses, social workers, spiritual counselors, and various therapists including music, massage, physical, occupational, and animal therapists.

Comprehensive Palliative care takes into account the physical, emotional, spiritual, and practical needs that arise from facing a serious illness:

Physicial--pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, shortness of breath, and insomnia are just some of the symptoms that accompany serious illness. A palliative care team can recommend an approach to managing these symptoms that may include medication, physical therapy, massage, breathing techniques, or other therapies that can help provide relief.

Emotional--Facing a serious illness can take an emotional toll on a patient and his/her loved ones. A palliative care team can include social workers, counselors, and mental health professionals to help address the emotional needs of anyone involved.

Spiritual--A serious illness can often impact a person's spiritual well-being. Questions of faith or struggles with spirituality are not uncommon. A palliative care team often involves a chaplain or other spiritual counselor who can help a patient explore their spiritual needs.

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Practical--Patients experiencing serious illness and their families may have financial, legal, or employment concerns. Palliative care specialists can help direct families to resources that can provide assistance and support for these practical considerations that often arise during the course of a serious illness.