The Hospice and Home Care Webinar Network (HHWN) currently partners with 34 state associations, including MNHPC, to deliver quality webinar training nationwide. The synergy of these relationships allows us to successfully deliver more than 70 webinars annually, covering critical issues for Hospice and Home Care professionals. With a 42-year reputation in the training industry and 10 years dedicated to health care professionals, you can trust your training is coming from the best. We seek out industry experts with long-term, real-life, hands-on experience to present on relevant and timely topics. We use the latest technologies that enable us to deliver webinars of the highest quality; and above all, we are committed to superior customer service. Support your local state association and learn about the webinars here.

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Member Benefit:

  • Members of the MNHPC receive $50 off registration fees when purchasing webinars from the Hospice & Home Care Webinar Network in Minnesota.