Advocacy is an important part of our role as a hospice and palliative care organization, and of your role as hospice and palliative care advocates. You know the value and benefit of end-of-life and serious illness care and have countless stories of high-quality, person-centered, caring and compassionate care.

We need your help to make sure these important stories are heard by our lawmakers and the public.

Contacting your representatives with a letter, phone call, or setting up a meeting is a powerful way for you to make an impact and raise awareness around the importance of hospice and palliative care. Our representatives’ job is to create policy to make our world better... they need us to tell them what we need to see done to get there.

We want to give you some resources to help you get started. The real impact will come when representatives hear the stories you as hospice stakeholders experience every day. Combining these stories with the data we as a hospice and palliative care industry have collected sends a STRONG message—it demonstrates the importance of serious illness and end of life care and the need for more funding, resources, and support from the government and the public. Use these templates and tips to help us create lasting and positive change.


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